Spillage of Love

Spillage of Love “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.”       John 15:12 NIV “Don’t spill the water, Abby,” I call to her almost every morning.  My daughter has a very important chore of feeding and providing water for our two cats before school. Inevitably, she ends up dribbling some of the water on the floor during her journey from the laundry room to the front porch.  I admit that sometimes I am frustrated because of this messy spillage on the floor. However, I … [Read more...]

Be the Creature He Created


Fluffy-tailed lemurs longing to be gazelles. Gazelles sick of running on all those legs looking to be cute and cuddly for a change. Monkeys aiming to stalk the jungle as king for once. Lions wishing to make merry and shed royal responsibility. Weird happenings on the safari? An impossibly adorable animated film's premise? Try people wrestling with their roles in the kingdom of God. Too many of us writhe against our God-given places. Quiet and assuming sigh for the supposed glamour … [Read more...]

The Dance of Redemption


When she was six years old, our daughter Anna fell in love with dance. She took a ballet/tap combination class every Tuesday (we called it “Tutu Tuesday”), and I knew the depth of Anna’s love for her new art when she was sick one weekend and told me, “I have to get better by Tuesday so I can go to dance.” Four months after Anna first put on her ballet slippers, her grandfather—my husband’s father—died unexpectedly. “Papa Lonn” was young, healthy, and vibrant. His death was an utter shock.  In … [Read more...]

Faith Through The Flames


“For You are my hope; O Lord GOD, You are my confidence from my youth. — Psalms 71:5 Sometimes an event happens in life where you have no other choice but to walk by faith.  You feel so helpless, so weak, so distant, so inadequate you have only your knees to fall upon.  You have come to the end of self, and the beginning of Tribulation Road".  We spend our life avoiding it but sometimes life sends a detour and we are forced to travail it.  We have a choice to make; Go alone, … [Read more...]

Thanking your Pastor, 8 Ways to Show your Appreciation

Thank you!

Has your pastor made a huge impact on your life? Has a leader from your Church been there for you through trying times? Church Leaders do so much more than share the Gospel. They care for the sick, perform weddings, and lead outreach efforts. There are many reasons that you might want to say thanks to your pastor or leaders within your church. Here are a few ideas for expressing your appreciation: 1. Never underestimate the power of a well written thank you note. It feels wonderful to open up … [Read more...]


angel comic

Today is the beginning of a new Month and with it comes so much anguish, pain and perhaps tiredness of this world and what it offers. You look around and it seems as if you are alone in your sorrow, so hideous it is sometimes you cannot share with people because of the shame it brings along. A wife of a loving pastor to his congregation but a demon and tormentor to his family at home, who can you tell?, who will believe your story?, that this worldly acclaim saint is indeed a black sheep … [Read more...]

Love in the Hurry

While it is still today copy

When life's busyness hurries us through our days, it's easy to forget to love others through tangible actions.  We may think of ways to reach out—a word of encouragement, a gift, or an invitation—but we almost never have a convenient opportunity to do it, so we don't follow-through on our well-wishing thoughts.  As much as we wish that "it's the thought that counts" were true, we need to stop rationalizing our failure to act in love and start doing it! Here are 3 thoughts on loving … [Read more...]

Rejoicing in Hope

happy child

My youngest son was invited to a "sleepover party" this week. One of his closest friends was turning 10 and wanted my little guy to celebrate with him. You might not think a sleepover is such a big deal at your age, but for a nine-year-old who has often been left behind while two older brothers go on sleepovers, this was like being given the world! Oh, the fun they would have! They would stay up until TEN O'CLOCK, he boasted to me! They would eat popcorn! Watch movies! Candy for dinner! And on … [Read more...]

Nick, the barber says, “Trust God, then your doctors.”


Since my cancer diagnosis a year ago my husband’s barber, Nick, has given him two pieces of advice. “You tell Dona like I told my wife. You stay alive, you stay healthy, you stay upbeat!  Not just for yourself, not just for the people who love you, but for the people who hate you. When they see you walking down the sidewalk, they say, ‘that woman still around?!’  And when they see you look-in good it will give them a clinch in the gut.” And….tell Dona “Trust God, and then your … [Read more...]



He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147.3 Do you believe God heals? I do. I have experienced His healing in my life. It took time, because it's a process, but I've healed. You may already know this, but I have had surgery for torn rotator cuffs on both of my shoulders. The pain I felt when I injured them was bad enough but honestly, the recovery after surgery was worse! My right rotator had not only torn but there was an impingement in the shoulder area that … [Read more...]