If But One

I want to save the world.  I wish I could gather every person who hurts into my arms and love on them.  I want to open up the chests of hurting people and pour Jesus's love directly into their hearts.  I know what it's like to hurt, feel rejection, suffer from insecurities, and feel worthless. Jesus saved me from those pains and now I want to put on a pink cape, fly around the world, and inflict every single person with His love. There are times that I get so frustrated and feel like I am not … [Read more...]

Joy > Jealousy

By Andy Vaughn Last week I had the pleasure of holding a sleeping seven pound ball of potential. Two of my dear friends, Dan and Sydney, recently  had their first child. His name is Oliver, and you can see the features of his family tree from his nose right down to his toes. I met Dan and Sydney when I started volunteering in their youth group. They're only 19 and 20 years old now, although I still think of them as the kids I met just a few years ago. They're young, in love, and already have … [Read more...]

Who deserves kindness?

One more week until Christmas and it's filled with last minute shopping, wrapping paper strewn all about and finishing up the last few details for the family get-togethers (at least that's what it's like around here). I don't know about you but I feel like I'm in slow motion watching everyone rushing through the stores. It can definitely make you forget to slow down and show some kindness and I'm raising both my hands up high calling myself out on this. I found the saying below and was so in … [Read more...]

I Choose Joy

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I Choose Joy By Kathy McBroom I was at Opry Mills mall in Nashville having a girls' shopping day with my two college age daughters. I left them behind and ventured on, tiring of all those stores where the music was blaring and the lights were too bright.  I went in Bass Pro Shop; that's when it hit me. Everything about that store reminds me of my dad. After so many years, one would think that the pain would lessen but no. Every man over sixty wearing a baseball camp turns into agony. I … [Read more...]



WHEN WORDS WON’T COME How do you speak the words you are afraid to speak? Perhaps speaking them somehow makes them too scary, too close, too real. How do you express your heart when your emotions get the best of you? When crisis comes, sometimes the words do not. We can forget who we are: the children of God. We can forget who He is: the Great Physician, the Great and Holy God, full of wisdom, righteousness, power and compassion. We can forget what He has done for us, what He’s given us, … [Read more...]

Instant Gratification

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I really believe that the “Like” button on Face Book is a wonderful thing.  Think about it, when you get a notification that so-n-so “liked” your post or quote, it feels good.  You get that instant gratification that comes from being appreciated or agreed with.  These days we live in a microwave society with a microwave mentality and the sooner things happen, and the quicker I can see results, the more comfortable I am.  Every motivation directed to the “DING” of an ending 30 second timer … [Read more...]

Are We Faithful to Even the Little Things?


Luke 16:10 (NET) - The one who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and the one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much. If there is one thing people would hunt for in human being today, it would be being faithful. Given the fact that divorces are rising and employees are hopping from one company to another, it simply means the world lacks of people who are being faithful. What does it mean to be faithful then? Holding On to One’s Words or … [Read more...]

Let Him.


Two little boys scramble through dusk, skip down sidewalks, then fight to be the first to open the car door.  Socks become soaking wet from sprinklers and bother them not one bit.  Who has time for shoes in the thrill of chivalry? Laughter echoes through the cooling air and eventually, they return out of breath; shoulders high and grinning ear to ear.  “We kept the girls safe”, reports the younger and reaches out with sticky hands for a high five.  Just as self-satisfied, the older locks the … [Read more...]

Bathroom Meditations


What is it about cleaning the bathroom that draws me close to God and allows me to hear His Spirit leading me, prompting me?  Don’t laugh, and don’t discount what I am saying.  Some of my best inspirations have occurred while cleaning the bathroom, and I know I’m not alone in this. I heard a well known preacher describe how her husband heard from God’s Holy Spirit while in the bathroom!!  Really?!?!?  That was my first reaction, too. However, now I notice that many of my moments of … [Read more...]

When your world feels tired and not-so-inspired


Many of you have read this blog, Front Porch, Inspired, long enough to see a plethora of happy-faced children and sunshine-y activities here. It’s true. A lot of amazing, life-changing and life-breathing things happen around this house and on this front porch, by God’s grace. But, maybe you need to know the whole of it. Or maybe you already guessed it: This can be hard. Ministry can be hard. We aren’t exempt, and I’m not superwoman. This front porch isn’t always inspired or inspiring – … [Read more...]