Rejoicing in Hope

happy child

My youngest son was invited to a "sleepover party" this week. One of his closest friends was turning 10 and wanted my little guy to celebrate with him. You might not think a sleepover is such a big deal at your age, but for a nine-year-old who has often been left behind while two older brothers go on sleepovers, this was like being given the world! Oh, the fun they would have! They would stay up until TEN O'CLOCK, he boasted to me! They would eat popcorn! Watch movies! Candy for dinner! And on … [Read more...]

Nick, the barber says, “Trust God, then your doctors.”


Since my cancer diagnosis a year ago my husband’s barber, Nick, has given him two pieces of advice. “You tell Dona like I told my wife. You stay alive, you stay healthy, you stay upbeat!  Not just for yourself, not just for the people who love you, but for the people who hate you. When they see you walking down the sidewalk, they say, ‘that woman still around?!’  And when they see you look-in good it will give them a clinch in the gut.” And….tell Dona “Trust God, and then your … [Read more...]



He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147.3 Do you believe God heals? I do. I have experienced His healing in my life. It took time, because it's a process, but I've healed. You may already know this, but I have had surgery for torn rotator cuffs on both of my shoulders. The pain I felt when I injured them was bad enough but honestly, the recovery after surgery was worse! My right rotator had not only torn but there was an impingement in the shoulder area that … [Read more...]

Lost In Fiction

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A few years back I took my family to Home Depot to buy some materials for a side project we were doing for the house. I remember clearly, that it was a typical hot and Austin day. As a matter of fact it was too hot to take the kids outside to play, so we had a lazy day watching movies. We actually let our 2 and 4-year old kiddos watch the Chronicles of Narnia. We had seen it before, but our boys had not. They were used to shows like Veggie Tales, Handy Manny, & 300 (just kidding).  So to let … [Read more...]

Stop Listening to the Lies


We all have weaknesses - we are human, after all - and I feel a little vulnerable telling you about one of mine; but maybe if I share, some of you can relate. Maybe I'm not alone in my weakness, and maybe this can help some of you. So, here it goes... More often than not, I am insecure in who I am as a wife, mother, sister, or friend. And, occasionally (or maybe even a little more often than occasionally), I allow my insecurities to get the upper hand in my life, causing me to go into … [Read more...]

A Rock And A Hard Place

a way out

Whenever I am working on a project that needs painting or has a saw involved my "workspace" is the porte-cochere between my house and our guest house. The guest house was a garage in it's past life, before we bought our house and turned it into a retreat for company. That means we don't have a garage. A lovely covered drive through makes due for our impromptu workshop. Working in the shade of this space, enjoying the breeze that blows through, listening to music while my kids ride bikes around … [Read more...]

When Life Seems too Difficult…


I often listen to audio sermons while cleaning the house.  I am able to get the many ‘necessary’ things done, while engaging my mind and furthering my understanding of spiritual matters.  For the most part, this is a purely intellectual exercise – increasing my knowledge of scripture, but not really leading to transformative change.  Since I am busy, I often neglect to quiet myself before God, and ‘listen’ to what He might have to say to my heart on the matter.  Every once in a while though, I … [Read more...]

How the Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary


I am an ordinary person.  You probably are also. I am a minister’s wife, a mother of two, Bible study teacher, writer, blogger and a high school English teacher.  Our bank account will never see millions of dollars, unless I win that Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes contest which I never enter, so that’s out.  My name will never be in lights unless at my funeral there is one of those small signs that I have seen in many small town funerals with the deceased’s name on it. Ever think on … [Read more...]

Blinding Gray

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Revelation 3:16: Blinding Gray Revelation 3:16 has always been a bit of a mystery to me since middle school, but the Holy Spirit has been pushing me to ponder and ask the Lord about it. It says “So then, because you are lukewarm and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out My mouth.” I can hear the Lords urgency and zealousness over me with a description that uses His name, my name, and vomit all in the same sentence. What is difficult to hear is the possible reason for His use of this type … [Read more...]

From Discarded to Light

candle box 2

I frequent all the typical junk joints – flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores, etc., but curbside shopping is a personal favorite. Curbside shopping is open for business 24/7, any place, anytime for anybody. Best of all it’s FREE. You will rarely find something in someone’s bulk trash pile that doesn’t require some TLC and imagination. Not to mention you have to be willing to pull over, dig around until you find something and then put it in your car. It’s not for everyone. You’ll find like … [Read more...]